Cely R. Argueta

Owner of BNG Professional Consulting Services

As a bilingual small business advisor, Ms. Argueta provides State of Maryland, DC and VA contracting and marketing training to small business owners. Ms. Argueta has worked with local Hispanic business and local organizations such as the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, SBDC, Montgomery College, LEDC and local women groups to provide technical assistance and training to raise awareness about small business programs and opportunities in Maryland, DC and Va. Specifically, Ms. Argueta conducts one-on-one consultation and presentations to small business owner on the following topics: County specific LSBRP, the Maryland SBRP, Maryland’s E-Market Place system, MDOT’s MBE application preparation process, and Maryland’s Service Disable program, DC CBE application assistance and Virginia’s SWaM certification process. Additionally, Ms. Argueta has organized classes on key elements of an RFP, how to successfully submit a responsive bid as well as work with local small businesses in developing cost proposal templates, teaching them on understanding financial reports for their business as well as how to market to local counties, state and Federal agencies. Ms. Argueta has gained great insight into the challenges faced by small business, particularly Hispanic MBE’s and has worked hand-in-hand with small business clients to develop tailored solutions in response to the needs of this community. Ms. Argueta is also owner of Bethel Facilities and Property Maintenance LLC, an exterior cleaning small business focusing on interior and exterior window washing services in the DC metropolitan area. She is responsible for marketing, business development and overseeing the work her team of window cleaners.

Prior to launching her Consultancy, Ms. Argueta worked for 16 years providing program management support services for logistical, administrative support contracts for federal clients. Her professional background includes domestic and international logistical and administrative support services including developing and executing program activities for new Hispanic community initiatives, formulating and documenting procedures for project functions, developing and managing budgets, supervising project staff, monitoring contract progress, providing deliverables, and reporting on contract progress. Managed multi-year contracts supporting programs with an average annual budget of approximately one to two million dollars. Ms. Argueta graduated from the Catholic University of America with a Bachelor in Political Science and a Master in Public Administration from American University, with a focus on Government Contracting.