Dawn Ambrose

Principal of Footprint Consulting

A very proud and satisfied product of Morgan State University, Ms. Dawn Ambrose has worked in the IT arena since 1999 where she’s been employed by both small and large corporations. Her positions have ranged from software engineer, PMO director, managing director and finally to principal of her own consulting firm. She’s been actively engaged with IT project and procurement management, within the Federal Government for over 15 years.

Throughout her career, she’s received commendations from various organizations for which she’s worked and volunteered.  However, family to Ms. Ambrose means an obligation to give back to the various institutions, organizations and individuals that have been so instrumental in making her the success that she is today.  Just as she did with students during her college matriculation, Ms. Ambrose continues to this day to mentor students, colleagues and peers.  She’s grateful to be able to give back and have a direct impact on individuals and organizations that have helped to propel her to where she stands today.