Deborah Owens

CEO and Founder of WealthyU

Deborah Owens is America’s Wealth Coach. She is CEO and Founder of WealthyU, a financial wellness company. WealthyU is on a mission to close the wealth gap that exists for women and minorities by providing financial coaching and tools on multi-media platforms. Ms. Owens is a nationally recognized financial expert and the author of three critically acclaimed books. She is a media personality who contributes to CNN, NPR, Sirius XM and a host of other national and local programs. Through her research and published works, Ms. Owens has identified the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are essential to achieving personal, professional and financial success in a dynamic economic environment. These critical success factors or seven wealthy habits™ are the framework for the unique insights that are shared in her keynotes, seminars, and customized workshops. She holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Loyola University of Maryland.